Selasa, 10 Februari 2009

What you missed last night while you were organizing your t-shirts

Devils shut-out the Rangers, 3-0: This game had a lot of firsts (in a long time). First time in a long time Scott Clemenson had a shut-out. First time in a long time I've heard Eddi Olczyck say something relevant and insightful (at the end of the 3rd he correctly observed that Dubinsky was too fancy with the puck and should just get it on net, down 3 goals). As I watched Parise zoom down the ice to put away the game with an empty netter, I wondered to myself if he's this generations Mike Modano (Scotty says maybe). Truthfully, Mikey Mo was a more voractious points getter this early in his career, but the speed and saavy of Parise makes me want to call him the baby shark.

Flames beat the Canadiens, 6-2: I'm going to channel my inner Buccigross and say the song of the moment for the Canadiens is Hold On. My favorite part about this game was that TSN's preview of it was titled "Slumping Canadiens face Slumping Flames" Not only is the Montreal power play awful (do you miss Mark Streit?) - its not even even. The PP is minus (last night). Thats a problem. Also will the Canadiens make a sneaky goalie move? Bring in Khabibulin (that would be full circle).

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