Selasa, 24 Februari 2009

Unless you don't get Versus and also don't live in Dallas or NoCal, there was no reason to miss this game last night

Sharks shut-out the Stars, 1-0:
Devin Setogouchi's goal was all it took. He took a pass in the neutral zone with SPEED and easily side stepped Darryl Sydor (old man is a step behind). On his strong side, Setogouchi's wrister went bar and in. And that was all it took for Sharks to win. Nabakov's best save was probably the two-pad stack he pulled on Fabian Brunnstrom (with an added Mystery, Alaska spin). Of course, I wanted the Stars to tie up (otherwise I was obligated to watch Hills spin-off, The City with the gf). I felt they were being pretty low-energy and even with various face-off wins could not get the puck on net (maybe Robidas can only really really cleary see through the cage) and when Mike Ribiero casually lost the puck at the red line, I was ready to change the channel. However, that last second rush and passing play and shot were high level hockey and the block by the Sharks d-man sealed the shut-out.

Some other stuff:

  • Ok, so if the Lightning fired John Tortorella, why can't coach where he wants? I could understand if he quit, but....
  • Versus, please shoot promos for games with more than one player in case said player gets run into by Scott Gomez and sprains his ankle... be sure to watch the Ducks plays Ryan Miller and the Sabres tonight on Versus!

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