Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up OR Seriously, what the hell is a truffle?

So I fell asleep real early on Friday night. I was getting ready for a big day on Saturday. Luckily, I didn't miss much. Mostly low scoring games, no memorable highlights.....
Saturday had some outstandingness to it.
Who knew an Oilers/Kings game would have so much punch (pun intended):

I initially thought Jack Johnson was fighting Andrew Cogliano - his old college teammate.

Mike Green set a record with this goal:

Its not the prettiest of his, not even the prettiest of the streak, but they all count.

So Friday was bleh, Saturday had its spots, but Sunday was where the NHL Center Ice Package pays for itself. Unfortunately, you really needed it, because NBC switched from the Devils/Sharks (2 best teams in each conference who played a 6-5 thriller) to Flyers/Rangers (we get it, NY is a big market).

Ovechkin had a hat trick. My favorite was his first goal. A low wrist shot snipe from the point:

The replay angle is perfect!

So the Islanders played in a matinee yesterday. Okposo tried his sick shoot-out move again and failed. Its so good.

And the Rangers lost again. Who's getting fired?

I know I missed a lot...


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