Senin, 02 Februari 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR Pepsuber!

Scotty already wrapped up our Friday night (see below), so lets take some time to talk about Mr. Ovechkin's weekend:

2 goal versus the Red Wings Friday night. The first was a nice little handle of a pass between his legs and then a far side wrister..

And a hat trick on Sunday afternoon. He probably then hit all the numbers in his boxes and got a BJ while watching the Office.

Although, the Red Wings got beat, it appears that they have another very skilled European on their hands. This isn't the most graceful spin-o-rama I've ever seen, but it will work.

It wasn't just Ovechkin for the Caps. Obviously, other people have to score the other 6 goals. But lets talk about how Mike Green gave new meaning to saucer pass ( I can't find the highlight).


The Islanders won again! And before the Panthers pulled their goalie with 5 minutes left (it didn't work), Bill Guerin showed a little razzle:

Nemmy, finally the Bruins beat the Rangers.

This happened in Toronto:

There's nothing not to love about this whole play. Great hit by Schenn. Penguins have to protect their star. Kennedy (really?) takes off the shield and Schenn obliges.

The only good thing about those disgusting jerseys that the Canadiens wore on Sunday is that Carey Price wears the sweet throwback pads.

Nothing else really of note happened on Sunday, but I feel like this one-timer be Hemsky is an underrated super play

So, what did I miss?


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