Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

Langenbrunner and everything after

So the week ended. The weekend started at the Tavern with Bress, Nemy and Arzellius. Throwin' back a couple of buds. Mellow yellow. Nemy has to leave early to head up to Boston tomorrow for the game with his girl. Trying to pull the early night sober how are ya. Ok! Fine! How about no Check! No! Penguins take a 3-1 lead over the Devils with about 10 to go in the third. Malkin scores a softy and I still say the Devils are SICK! Marty comes back...nuff said! I know they are going to steal this game like they did to Boston last night. I say with 30 seconds left on the clock, if the Devils tie this game, 15 shots of Jager for me, you and Ess. Nemy sneaky wants it to happen. I just know it will, they had the pressure on since the end of the first. Langenbrunner. Jeez! 15 shots! 1000 and 10,000. Cool Whhhhhhhhiiiiiip like Stewie Griffin says it with the silent H. Than he scores in OT again. He is Captain insaneous. Boston and Jers....eastern finals. Juice guys from Nantucket.

Remember coming back to beat Bryant down 6-3 with 8 to go left in the third. I do. Weindel penalty shot...ardino in OT.

Best college hockey memory - We're playing Holy Cross and some guy torched me because I thought he didn't have that shot in his bag...no respect and I got baked. They scored and the next shift...my fault completely...take the puck in the offensive zone and score. Camille comes over to me on the bench screaming...way to be a man Scotty! Way to be a man! Own up!

It's big time hockey in Jers right now....step out of the way people. Paris, Zajac...imagine my kids name..Zajac Zimmerman...lol! Elias, Gionta n Shany now. Shany is the man. Thats it...enjoy the night people...be safe!

- bARBOnUs

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