Kamis, 26 Februari 2009

What you missed last night while you were convincing Carla not to make sou-anything

Maple Leafs beat the Rangers in the shoot-out, 2-1: Tort's debut did not go as well as possible. Worst case for him - he can't even blame the goalie. If only Lundquist had let in the soft backhand by Blake that waltzed (Joe Betinati!) along the goal line. Anyway, TSN already has a poll up about what player will be in Tort's doghouse first. I vote for Dubinsky.

Red Wings beat the Sharks, 4-1: Hossa had a great goal. He protected the not-yet-his puck, with a nice post up move and then the quick shot beat Nabakov through the legs. He later got crushed by the guy he beat (Doug Murray) and left the game. Ville Leino (yes, another Scandinavian stud) scored a beaut by knocking the puck out of mid-air. And of course Zetterberg was so Zberg by scoring a spin shorty far side. Will the Sharks face the Wings in the playoffs? And if so can they beat them? Find out this May!

Penguins shut out the Islanders, 1-0: The chant "You are awful" could have applied to both teams. To the Islanders for the Jayvee style they played. And to the Penguins for only scoring once.

Flyers shut-out the Kings, 1-0: Ways in which the Flyers should determine their starting goaltender:
  • % of owners who have the keeper in Yahoo! Fantasy leagues
  • coin flip
  • GAA during warmups
  • open net shoot-out

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