Jumat, 20 Februari 2009

What you missed last night while you were getting ready for the trade deadline

Canucks beat the Senators, 5-2:
So Henrik is the
passer and Daniel is the
scorer. What about Alex?

Flames beat the Wild in OT, 3-2:
Gaborik would help,
at least, score in the third. He
can rest the first 2.

Stars win over the Oilers, 4-2:
The Stars ascent to
play-off position, is a
remarkable feat.

Blue Jackets beat the Maple Leafs in the shoot-out, 4-3:
Justin Pogge just is
not that good. He's no Carey
Price. That once made sense

Sharks win over the Kings, 4-2
The underrated
players on the Sharks are studs.
Pavelski and more.

Coyotes beat the Thrashers in the shoot-out, 4-3:
So does Carcillo's
winning shoot-out goal complete
the Gordie hat trick?

Flyers beat the Sabres, 6-2:
Mike Richards equals
fantasy stud with PIMs, goals
and assists. Nice night!

Blackhawks shut-out the Panthers, 4-0
The only upside
for the Panthers is that a
West team took the points.

Blues beat the Predators in OT, 2-1:
Tkachuk is a huge
fat rock in front of the net
that wont move, but scores

Devils beat the Lightning in the shoot-out, 3-2:
Parise is an
American beauty.
The new Modano?

Hurricanes beat the Islanders, 6-2
The score says it all
You didn't want to watch this
one. No energy.

Penguins win over the Canadiens, 5-4
This game had it all
High scoring third and called by
video game guy.

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