Selasa, 10 Februari 2009

Blog Survey

A little while ago ESPN conducted an NHL player survey and blah blah blah you've probably read it already.

The only question that was really interesting was Question 3: IF YOU COULD CHANGE LIVES WITH ANOTHER PLAYER, WHO WOULD IT BE?

The NHL players surveyed picked Ovy. We are more interested in what our 6 readers have to say.

Below are the results of the ESPN survey in order of number of votes. We've included a short description of the players to get the thought process started. Don't feel limited by the players on this list. The entire league roster is up for debate.

Ovechkin - best player in the league
Lecavalier - set for life, 6'4 220lbs.
Sakic - unquestioned leader, Cup champion
Lidstrom - 4 Cups, bunch of Norris trophies, Swedish girls
Thornton - 6'4 230lbs+, gets to play in San Jose
Crosby - face of the NHL, really good at hockey
Mike Fisher - dates Carrie Underwood
Modano - American hero, married to Willa Ford
Chelios - still alive
Comrie - dates Hillary Duff
Iginla - probably has a bigger dick than you
Kovalev - "most talented", flies planes
Lundquist - cleans up in NYC, probably kills in Sweden
S. Niedermayer - 4 time Cup winner (?), perma-playoff beard

I don't know how to post an actual poll so leave a comment if you want to opine.


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