Kamis, 19 Februari 2009

Skiing and thinking hockey

So Nemy is over his max games played in the center position in one fantasy league we are in so he dished out Malkin to me for a hot Ilya Kovalchuk. It's a good move for him but hey in the end we are all in an all out race to the bottom of the cauldron. People keep getting fired from the Islanders TV team and I can't help thinking about the insane dream I had with Jessica Alba last night that got cut off because someone screamed outside. Yea, thanks outside drunk screaming guy at 4 am.

So I am in Vail, Colorado and I am testing a phat pair of Demo powder skiis and tearing up the mountain. Today, the weather was so fantastic. I had a backwards Mets fitted cap on with Nemy's blueblockers that I am happy to say are still intact. Yesterday was brutal windy cold. It got so bad toward the end of the day that my mom was crying down the mountain and bleeding a little from her face from the wind burn. Never seen that in Vail but hey we are back on track with good weather. The real cool thing about being here is that I get to watch Altitude, the Avs network. Nice overtime winning goal connection between Wolski and Svatos the other night. I love their announcer. We also got to here the Jaffster doing color which was even better.

Turned on the tv this morning to see OVY's goal and than it went to commercial. I don't even know what channel it was. Hallmark was on the bottom of the screen and I looked at my brother and said...what???? My dad is sitting next to me with a screwdriver saying he can beat all the fighters in the UFC...I said, "I can't write this if your talking to me but than I said out of curiosity to here how he conjured this up, "How may I ask would you complete this task?" He goes, "I would just shoot 'em with a tommy gun, old school style!"

Fantasy update:

Matheiu Schneider - traded to Montreal...great powerplay action and he actually just scored on the powerplay so Juice if you need a D-man.

Richard Zednik - Some interesting volume over there right now. Take a look.

Matt Cullen - Involvement...good volume

By the way, as I type this Mike Richards is putting up just a bullet blast fantasy evening. A shorthanded goal, 3 assists, two on the powerplay, +3 and 2 Pims. How the hell did he do this and get in the box too. Uhhh...I love this game.

This video is Mike Richards night.

- Zell

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