Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009

Friday Question

This is Philadelphia's Mr. W. He's a total maniac.

He and his 15 friends will be going to the Pearl Jam concert on Saturday night at the Spectrum. By the time this post is published on Friday he will have started pregamming for the show. Afterwards he will most likely stay up all night boozing and screaming the lyrics to State of Love and Trust.

The next day he will tornado himself into the Linc parking lot to get ready for the Eagles/Jints game. After the Giants win Mr. W will pour himself into spot near a beer pong table until the Phils/Yanks game. Chances are that his Halloween costume will have been permanently etched into his skin by then. Mr. W also tends to drool when he gets boozy. His seat at Citizens Bank park will be soaked. If he's still solvent and manages to stay out of jail it will be a miracle.

But seriously there's a chance that Mr. W gets to see the best American rock band live, the Eagles take 1st place and the Phils win game 4 all in person (and in costume). Hopefully he'll remember some of it.

Has anyone been on a stronger 2 day adventure?

What does the 2Man Executive Committee have to say about Mr. W's weekend plans?

Luke Richardson

"The Yankees? If I wanted to watch a bunch of pussies in tight pants I'd dvr something on Bravo"

Max Cavalera

"In 1992 I toured Indonesia with Sepultura where I saw a crazy ritual. There was self-inflicted pain, knives, blood, fire. It was insane. It stuck in my head. My wife Gloria was pregnant at the time and drank snake’s blood. So every time our son acts crazy I tell her it’s from the snake blood."

Kru Bestor Karte

"I am no longer a competitive fighter but I still make bi-yearly training trips to Bangkok to keep on top of the Muay Thai’s latest techniques, regulations, training strategies and conditioning methods. One time I killed a would-be assassin because he caught me up to my knuckle in his old lady."

Dennis "The Snake" Chalker

"We did a HALO jump into Grenada for Operation Urgent Fury in 83. After 7 days of intense firefighting we were pulled out onto a destroyer anchored offshore. When I got to the boat another SEAL team member noticed my fly was down. I guess I had my cock out the whole time while I was in country. We all had a good laugh about that"

Stay safe, Mr. W.

- Nemmy

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