Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR I have seen the future... well the future of McDonalds

I have a theory about Sidney Crosby. I think he googles "crosby sucks" before every game.Nemmy thinks that he is too nice on the ice, but I think that Sid is deadly when he is motivated. And I can't think of another way he gets motivated. He's got the ring, the awards, and the press clippings that say otherwise, but Friday night and for most of the games this season, it looks like he is trying to prove himself all over again. He wants to put his team on his back. He did that against the Panthers. 2 goals to tie the game and then the eventual shoot-out winner.

Elsewhere on Friday night, Tuomo Ruutu did to Darcy Tucker what Darcy Tucker's probably done to many others before. Its a hit from behind and Ruutu deservedly got suspended, but why does the result of a hit decide the suspension instead of the hit itself? What I mean is, why because Scott Gomez didn't get hurt does Kozlov avoid suspension?

And wow, how about them Avalanche?

I really can't wait for afternoon Saturday games to comeback. Saturday night, Nemmy and I split time between the Islanders/Caps and Bruins/Senators games.

Both games had 2 goal comebacks, however only one of us was satisfied with said comeback. That would be Nemchek.

Moving on...

The Wild have the best third jersey in the league. And had the best GWG of the weekend.

This fight was awesome.

What did I miss?


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