Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

What you missed last night while you were watching the dissapointing season opener of 30 Rock

And my answer to Nemmy's question is A. I think the reason Evan choose B is because RWRR Challenges don't test for Roids.

Onto the haikus!

Senators beat the Lightning 6-1:
Michalek got a
hat trick. So is the trade now
even. Where is Cheech?

Avalanche win over the Canadeins, 3-2:
Even with 7
, Montreal
could not tie the game.

Red Wings beat the Kings, 5-2:
Lidstrom got his one
thousandth point. Thats like seven
thousand Swedish points. (its a currency exchange joke)

Hawks beat the Predators, 4-1:
Even when Nashville
was good they couldn't fill seats.
What will happen now?

Capitals beat the Sharks, 4-1
Saucers passes were
the reason for 2 cap's goals.
One was a backhand!

Coyotes beat the Blues in OT, 3-2:
Darren Pang is the
most excitable person.
quote, "holy jumpin!!!!!"

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