Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

What you missed last night while you were eating a superb burger

Red Wings beat the Canucks, 5-4: Maybe the Wings shouldn't start Osgood until the 2nd half of the season or maybe he gets all his bad start out of the way now. The 2 goals he have up last night were softer than soft. So air? Yes, they were air goals. That doesn't make sense. Anyway, the Wings came back, because they are the Wings. And Tomas Holmstrom was in front. And thats how it goes

Avalanche shut-out the Oilers, 3-0: I know we are only through 1/8 of the season, but are the Avalanche actually good? And can Craig Anderson keep this pace up? The answers to these questions are yes and maybe. The Avalanche were terrible last year, but mostly because of injuries and terrible goaltending. Not only is there 1st round pick playing, but their 2nd round pick is in the lineup and actually playing better. Plus it seems like some of the west (ducks, wings) have gotten worse.

Capitals beat the Flyers, 4-2: Semin's game winner was so amazing. His wrister isn't even fundamentally sound. He shots off his back foot with no weight transfer. Its all wrist. Unreal.

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