Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

What you missed last night while you were drinking away the pain of getting older

Sooo, I'm going to change this week's Mid-Week Monster to today, just because there were so many damn games on last night.

Islanders beat the Rangers (in regulation!), 3-1: Dwayne Roloson - the guy made the necessary saves to be the first star of the game and then did a post-game interview with his mask on. He must be a Ricky Williams fan.

Avalanche beat the Flames, 3-2: Craig Anderson - maybe he was supposed to get a day off, but the swine flu got to Peter Budaj, so once again Anderson won. The first goal he let in was a bit of a softie, but he made the difference from there as Wolski scored a sweet game winner.

Penguins beat the Canadiens, 6-1: Sidney Crosby - he had a hat trick. His first goal is what will eventually be termed, "vintage Crosby." He sits on right post and even when the keeper anticipates, Crosby sneaks that one-timer inside the post. His second goal was a spin around back hand that he ROOFED. He might have kicked the third one in.

Sabres win over the Devils, 4-1: Ryan Miller - I didn't watch this game, but since he only gave up one (Scotty hates him for never getting shut-out), I'll assume he deserves it.

Stars beat the Maple Leafs in OT, 4-3: James Neal - He got the game winner, but he's also the guy that when you say, "howd the stars win the puck in the corner?" it was him.

Sharks beat the Kings i n the shoot-out, 2-1
: Patrick Marleau - his slap shot goal, literally put a hole in Jon Quick. Seriously. Also, does the HP Center have the worst camera angles in the league? Its an arena that only has hockey and they couldn't do a better job setting up the cameras? For shame, sharks. For shame.

Blues beat the Hurricanes, 5-2: Andy MacDonald/Scott Walker - these 2 guys had the bests goals of the game. Scott Walker batted his own rebound out of mid-air. MacDonald took a sweet pass from Big Walt and cut in on Ward and scored.

Coyotes beat the BJs, 4-1: Robert Lang/Keith Yandl - its duo because of the sick goal. Yandle on the point on the PP, walks in and does a fake-slap-shot-pass. This is different from a slap-pass because in the slap-pass its all in one motion. In the fake-slap-shot-pass, Yandle turned his body, because he found Lang away from the goal and some how Lang on no angle, tucked the puck in the top of the net.

Senators beat the Panthers, 4-3
: Pascal Leclaire - even though he got hurt. he has sweet pads.

Predators beat the Wild, 4-3
: Jerred Smithson - game winner and short handed, you sir are a Mid-Week Monster (to be said in booming voice).

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