Jumat, 02 Oktober 2009

What you missed you last night because you have DirectTV

Every game had great energy last night. Usually, Friday is reserved for hockey haikus, but since its the first night of games, I'm just going to bullet point the best parts of each game.

Capitals beat the Bruins, 4-1
  • Ovechkin had quite the game, 2 goals and an assist
  • His assist started off that pretty passing play for the first goal
  • His second goal was pure STRENGTH as he beat Lucic's stick check in front and somehow converted the pass.
Canadiens beat the Leafs in OT, 4-3:
  • What the hell was Ron Wilson wearing?
  • Great fights in this game. Is Jay Rosehill a Jew? He sure doesn't fight like one.
  • Both Stajan's and Metropolit's goals were super sweet tips. Stajans was more the result of a great slap pass from Kaberle. Metropolit's was pure coolness, through his legs
  • It was weird to see Gomez with number 91
Avalanche beat the Sharks, 5-2:
  • Take the C off Marleau and he responds with 2 goals. They should have done that during the play-offs
Flames win over the Canucks, 5-3:
  • Those throwback jerseys look awesome
  • The Calgary D is probably the best in the League. No one talks about Mark Giordano made a sweet move on point and scored the first goal of the game and later had an assist.
  • Kiprusoff should always, always have a beard

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