Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

What you missed last night while you were experiencing/watching/participating in a show/art piece/wierdness

Its the Mid-Week Monster Wednesday

Canadiens beat the Thrashers in the shoot-out, 2-1: If Ondrej Pavelec had won the game, he'd be the Monster. He had some sick saves in the 35 or so. But since he lost, it goes to Scott Gomez. Gomez scored in the shoot-out and beat a little piss about Slava Kozlov after Kozlov hit him from behind in OT.

Penguins win over the Blues, 5-1: Dear announcers, not every time Sidney Crosby makes a pass is it a "great pass from Sidney Crosby." A lot of pros can make that pass. Case in point, Sid's assist to Alex Goligoski. The d-man was wide open in the slot and Sid had a ton of time. I think I can put that pass on his tape. Anyway, the Monster for this game was Marc-Andre Fleury. Maybe he didn't have that much work, but he made the saves and kept his head in the game.

Flames beat the BJs, 6-3: Both captains had their Monster moments. Nash scoring short-handed on the 5-on-3 and Iggy's sick snipe in the third period. But the Monster play goes to Freddy Sjorstrom. I can't describe it. I've never seen a play like this.

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