Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

The Secret of Mike Richards

What makes this guys so good? What makes him different than the rest. Yes, the power 'I' can lead a team...they like this guy. Why do I call him Mike the power 'I' Richards...I don't quite know but I know that I visualize the football I form spread when the tailbacks line up behind the quarterback when I hear Miek Richards. He isn't dirty but he plays a mean and fiesty game. Yes he will get 70-90 points a season which is mightier than the sword obviously but what are the really separating factors. I noticed something last night versus the Caps.

See if you can follow this.

Notice where Mike is positioned to make this hit on Black Booth. He attempted to do this to Ovy last night but Ovy always is watching...Ovy is 230 pounds...Ovy is dirtier than sword but in all seriousness, Richards in his back-check shades away on the far side of the ice..he loves using his left shoulder and waits for the forward coming in on the far side wing to cut into the middle, making a move on the D and he is ready to come flying in. This is a set play that he runs...that is his back-check. A clean...100% attempt to lay someone out and swing momentum there way. He does this almost every shift. Like a tiger shark swarming on an opportunity. This type of play separates himself above everyone else. Not to mention this ridiculous pass to Hartnall last night. Needlepoint.com.

16,000 Power I juicing.

I think Matty was out this night and broke Richards' and Jeff Carters' bottle of Goose. I wish I was there to see that. I think they must have seen his genuine enthusiasm for seeing them out and maybe even felt that he was a native hockey legend of Philly. This guy is Awesome! Mike Awesome as well works. Remember that guy.

- Zoni

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