Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

Colton Orr has reached the 1000 marker

Notice the refs come in and try and dismantle the fight eventually and Colton Orr says, "Hey, there's a f-ckin reason why George and I have led the league in fighting majors for the last few years, so please back away!" Such 1000 like behavior pushing the ref back.

And Tomas Kaberle putting up the best night ogf his career probably with 5 points ALL on the powerplay. It just frustrates me that he was -1. I undertsand that they were all on the PP but you couldn't at least be responsible enough to finish flat for the night or even plus 1 with 5 points bro. So soft. So soft.

And congrats to Jeff Tambo for getting his first 2 goal game of his career. I dropped him a message after I saw they had made it to overtime and told him I wanted to see more of the power move to the net. He has sick hands, sick speed but he is small. That limits his ice-time and confidence. Being on the bubble of playing consistently and being a top 6 starter kills your confidence. I would rather he play and develop what could be something terrific than Jon Sim go out there all the time. Simer is awesome in his own way but he is nearing the end of his career while the Isles are clinging to what youth they have so stick with that. Yea Jeffrey!

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