Selasa, 06 Oktober 2009

So I'm sitting across the aisle from Brent Johnson

Bress mentioned our trip to the Isles home opener here.

Every time we've gone to film the tailgating we have a shitload of fun. Tons of hockey fans, food, booze and a few old friends. After the Vodka, some free beer and a ceremonial joint of medicinal dope I ended up seated by the Pittsburgh Penguins tunnel across from backup netminder Brent Johnson. So of course I was inappropriate and peppered him with questions. I tried to wait until tv timeouts and only asked after the 1st period when it looked like the Pens were fine game-wise but I was probably annoying.

All answers are from what I think Brent Said. I'm not a journalist, I'm an idiot who shouldn't be within 20 feet of another living person after being over served.

Q: Does the US team have any shot at Gold in Vancouver?
A: He thought so but said that the team needed to play it's best hockey.

Q: Which team is more talented from your experience during practice shootarounds: DC or PIT?
(Note: I think I may have asked which team lit you up more in practice.)
A: Washington

Q: Why does he wear gel in his hair when he may have to jump into net?
Q: Does the gel ever get into his eyes and distract him?
A: Apparently the gel doesn't bother him and he is always gelled up even before starts. A little water in the hair before he gets out there is fine. (Brent is starting to get annoyed so I started spacing questions out a little more.)

Q: Does he ever not shower after sitting through a game?
A: Always showers. One of the NHL crew guys standing around him laughs at the question. Brent didn't find the humor in it.

I asked him something about Billy Guerin I think but I can't really recall. I was just trying to pick his brain but I may have bugged this shit out of him.

- Nemmy

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