Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

Question of the Day

This is Evan Starkman. He is the beast that has won a few Real World/Road Rules Challenges/Duels/Gauntlets whichever. He is on the current season of the show and hooking up with the old chubby broad that used to be kind of strong.

Anyways (according to a little Googling) I think he's a Canadian kid who went to Cornell on a hockey scholarship. Hockeydb has nothing on him but I found a link of his profile on the ACHA website. The ACHA is club hockey and far from the Cornell varsity team but that's besides the point. He says in this interview that he was on scholarship so let's take his word on it. This kid now makes a living getting drunk and hooking up in exotic places for MTV and appearing at clubs for $2,500 cash.

Here's your question
What would you rather do:

a) Be a Cornell hockey player or
b) Be an MTV Challenge/Duel/Gauntlet star

Let's assume for A that you are a 4-year player on scholarship.
Let's assume for B that you are a regular contestant on these shows and you make your money giving speeches at colleges, appearing a bars and embarrassing your family.

Any thoughts?

- Nemmy

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