Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR The Islanders melt down as described in text messages

Nemmy is a Bruins fan, I'm an Islanders fan. Friday night, we were in separate locals watching the game. Here's how it went down:

Bress: ROOF

Nemmy: Who? Not watching

Bress: Sim on Rask

Bress: Be glad you aren't watching

Nemmy: I ssw everything since

Nemmy: The Bruins stink. Tavares is the real deal.

Bress: SNIPE

Nemmy: Boston is poop

Three Bruin goals later and the game is tied.

Bress: The Islanders are poop

Bress: Brutal

Bress: Terrible

Nemmy: I can't believe they won

Artem: Painful loss...


Besides that game, there was a lot of good hockey this weekend. Friday only had 2 games and to be honest, nothing stands out in my mind as impressive from either of them.

Saturday, however is a different story.

In the dictionary, this goal is next to "Ryan Smyth"

In front, and just keeps hacking away until he scores. I bet he hates LA and keeps his house at a chilly 54 degrees just so its more like Alberta.

The goal from Comrie here is nice (maybe soft on Price's part), but I LOVE the pass that sets it up.

This stands out from the Flyers/Ducks game:

Sick save by Emery with the pad.

I went to the garden yesterday to watch the Ducks play the Rangers. They were tired from last nights game (1 shot in the first period!). The highlight of the game for me was Gaborik ringing a shot off the cross-bar. Its not that he has a quick release. Its a non-existent release.

What did I miss?


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