Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

Top 10 Reasons Your Fantasy Hockey Team Sucks

The category: top 10 reasons your fantasy hockey team sucks.

10: Rush Limbaugh is part of the group bidding on your team
9: Yahoo auto-picked the entire 1984 Washington Bullets roster
8: Drafted Scott Nichol in round 3 because he looked firm in his Underarmor
7: You can't figure out why Robert Kron doesn't show on the waiver wire
6: Spotty Internet access from your cave in Tora Bora

5: You're threatening to move the laptop to Kansas City if your mother doesn't carpet the basement
4: You got high and traded the Sedin twins for a box of Nilla wafers
3: Late round sleeper pick - Alexei Cherepanov

2: You're too busy posting "3rd Rock from the Sun" transcripts on the league's message board

And finally the number 1 reason why your fantasy team sucks:
1: Your name is Brian Burke

- Nemmy

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