Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR Making my roller hockey comeback

After months of rehab and pain, I made my debut in net for a fall roller hockey game on Saturday. I didn't skate (that debut will happen in a few weeks). I played pretty awful, but it was nice to get back out there. Followed that will some towers of beer at the bowling alley and then hanging out with the Stuy-town legend himself, Johnny Dubs.

Needless to say, I only know about Saturday's games based on the ESPN mobile app on my black berry and NHL on the Fly on Sunday.

Is it too early for me to get excited about the possibility of Ovechkin getting 50 in 50? He has in 9 in 8 right now. When can I get excited? When this pace extends to game 25?

Here's his second from Saturday night. Is it better than the one-timer? Not so sure, but it shows that if you give him any kind of space he scores.

I thought Maxim Afinogenov went to the KHL, and then I saw this goal and thought, he's probably only playing inspired because that his old team.

Congrats to Matt Duchene on getting his first goal. Kind of a softy. Will Colorado keep up this pace? Who drafted Craig Anderson?

Cody Mcleod had a great game, 2 goals and a fight.

If he gets the hat trick and an assist is it a Gordie Howe Hat Trick Hat Trick?

Kovalev made his return to Montreal, was soundly booed and then made this sweet pass.

Thornton had 3 points (not 3 assists scotty) and the Isles lost again.

What else did I miss?


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