Selasa, 21 April 2009

What you missed last night while you were icing your knees afer running the Boston Marathon

Bruins beat the Canadiens, 4-2 (lead series 3-0): Carey Price controls rebounds the way I do when playing roller hockey goalie. The puck (in my case, the ball) goes off to side, but its still in front and a professional hockey player can easily still finish - see goal, Ryder. A couple of years ago the Sabres beat the Senators with a game winning short-handed goal. I believe it was JP Dumont walking around captain Daniel Aflredsson. I lost respect for Alfie after that. Thats kind of how I felt when Chuck Kobasew beat Koivu to the loose puck last night to get the game clinching empty netter.

Capitals shut-out the Rangers, 4-0 (NYR leads series 2-1)
: Is Simeon Varlamov in the Rangers' heads now? He's pitched 5+ periods of shut-out hockey. I like his helmet also. Its like he told the designer, "I'll probably be in Hershey, but just in case make half the helmet a Caps helmet." Avery was typical bush-league at the end. I wonder if he'll get suspended? It was a head shot (see Lucic, Milan) and a message-send (see Carcillo, Daniel). The precendent is there Colin. Ovechkin hasn't scored yet, but he did have a nice primary assist. And when did Nick Backstrom get strong? Thursday's game is going to be a good one.

Flames beat the Blackhawks, 4-2 (CHI leads series 2-1): This is the series. I guess its just my man-crush on Jarome Iginla. Some of the goals this game were pretty. Like the Hawks first one. A win in the face-off - move the puck from d-to-d. down the wall to Toews, cross-crease pass to Sharp. And that equals a power play goal. Eric Nystrom then tied it up with a nice high glove snipe off a cross zone pass from Curtis Glencross. Then the goals got a bit uglier along with the game. There was some scrumming and hitting and everything that makes play-off hockey great. Stay up for these games, east-coasters!

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