Rabu, 29 April 2009

The Final 4... series that is

Bruins vs Hurricanes:

  • Besides the Rangers, this is the best match-up the Bruins could have asked for. Cam Ward might be able to steal a game, but Eric Staal is going to face Zdeno Chara every freaking game, so who knows how much Carolina will be able to score.
  • Bruins in 6
Capitals vs Penguins:

  • The only guarantee besides Pierre Maguire creaming himself while being between these benches is that you will see some great hockey.
  • The key to this series is Simeon Varlamav - Is he to dumb to realize where he is or will the pressure get to him. Caps fans, if you see Theodore in net, the series is over.
  • Penguins in 7
Red Wings vs Ducks

  • This series has all the makings for an upset for the Wings
  • Hot goalie, physical team, and superhot scoring line on the Ducks might chase Osgood.
  • I'm going to follow Scotty's logic though (I know) - In seven games can anyone beat the best?
  • Red Wings in 7
Canucks vs Blackhawks

  • Probably the best goaltending match up of the 4 series
  • I like the youth and scoring of the Hawks over the experience and grit of the Canucks
  • Blackhawks in 7

Here is the leaderboard after the 1st round (put your 2nd round picks in the comments)

Bress – 28

Cornelius– 40

Nemmy – 24

Mr. W – 22

Moe -31

Heals – 27 (swept the east)

Brando – 17

Lars – 16

Alex – 51

Mac – 24

Hark -31

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