Rabu, 29 April 2009

What you missed last night because you were still at work (only valid for west coasters)

Hurricanes comeback and beat the Devils, 4-3 (CAR wins series 4-3): Both the first goal of the game and the final goal were eerily similar. Maybe both times Brodeur got screened by his defenseman, maybe the shots got slightly deflected. In any case you expect the all-time wins leader to make at least one of those saves. This great game did not get as much attention as the other game7, but there were some terrific passes:
- Parise's look to Langenbruner for the Devils first goal
- Gionta's wrist shot of a pass cross ice and off the board for Rolston to one-time for the Devils third goal
-The pass to Pandolfo, who perfectly deflected it on his backhand for the Devils second goal
- Joni Pitkanen's cross zone pass to Jussi Jokinen for the one-timer to tie the game up.
Carolina has a lot to handle in a well-rested Bruins team in round 2. I'll get to my predictions and the leaders of the2Man play-off game later today.

Capitals beat the Rangers, 2-1 (WAS wins series 4-3): With that game-winning goal, Sergei Federov will recieve an honory PhD from Snipe City U. It don't know if its more or less impressive that he didn't really look up when he shot. Did he just know where he was on the ice and no the spot to put the puck?
Caps and Penguins in round 2, expect these games on NBC.

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