Kamis, 23 April 2009

Sahner Oil

Vancouver Spartans stats - 30 games in (Video Game Hockey)

Brad McGann - 75 goals, 35 assists - 110 points
John Giardino - 58 goals, 52 assists - 110 points
Matt Weindel - 75 goals, 70 assists - 145 points
Nemy - 5 goals, 65 assists - 70 points
Scotty - 8 goals, 56 assists - 64 points

Heals (goalie) - 30 wins 0.99 save percentage with 7 shutouts

Things have gotten wildly out of control.

I'd like to say something about the Washington-NYR series. To be honest I would like nothing more than the Rangers to lose, as an avid Islander fan it becomes just a natural part of the game rivalry to hate the opposing New York team. In this situation, you can't be a Mets fan and still not mind the Yankees. Hatred for the other side. Good fan friendly hatred not literally fighting or drunken abuse over it though.

However if the Rangers win, I actually would not mind it so much because it just keeps the playoff NHL spirit around NYC. Guys in my office that really could give a left testicle about the sport are all about it right now. I went to dinner with my girl and some friends last night and bumped into Paul Lenti (our college/men's league goalie) at Penn Station in his blueshirt. The energy is high...the team is poopy but it works and I get it so I officially cover my Ranger short in praise of the spirit around me for at least another series. If they go to the conference finals I may get a little over it but for now its ok.

I still think no one has a chance against the wings in 7 games. But hey stranger things have happened. The Bruins and the Wings look sharp as they should. Getting rid of those first round match-ups the way they did was very very professional.

This guy is me today.
He is also sneaky the opposite of everything.

On a different note but following the same theme...maybe

Does anyone even understand this?
Is it the ghost of Christmas Past?

Do you guys really think the Ducks will beat the Sharks? I think Jumbo Joe inflates and they open this thing up.

- Barnabus

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