Rabu, 15 April 2009

The weekend and the playoffs

So this past weekend...passover night actually, I went out to a club on Long Island with my good friend Aaron and my cousin Brittany. Brittany works for a liquor distributor in the marketing division so she gets to go to clubs and bars and drink free bottles in an attempt to rep the brand of liquor. Its a great gig for now but she says she doesn't want to do it for too much longer, obvious reasons, there's just so much drinking and partying on the week nights you can do.

So they were out of tables so we set up at the end of the bar with 4 bottles of this crazy Tequila and a SUPRA bottle of Goose. After about an hour Carnage started to come out (featured above) and Nemy wasn't there to put him away so me and Aaron started walkin' around the club. We stopped by the main entrance and started to chat while observing shorties in da club (don't worry I won't type like this the whole time) and noticed a bunch of dudes walking in. Scruffy guys and one of them had no front teeth. I looked at Aaron and I'm like these guys have to be hockey players. Oh wait maybe they're the Soundtigers who are up with the Islanders and I don't recognize them but than I did recognize Jeff Carter and Mike Knuble. Yes the Flyers got out of the garden as fast as possible that night and Aaron Asham was apparently showing them a pre-playoff night.

I spoke with Knuble for a few seconds because well you just have to talk to Mikey Knuble. He wished me luck with the show and I ditto'd with luck for him in the playoffs. A genuine man if I may say so. Hartnell kinda snubbed me as i said in passing at one point in the night, "Hey Scott good luck in the playoffs man!" He kinda snubbed me just reiterating Nemy's intitial take on him. Nemy's grudge with him lies with his impulsive need to start shit after the whistle with people. It's his game and I understand that and he has had a phenomenal year but it's the way that he does it. And the hair and negative 1000. Nobody but me knows who the hell you are in that club that you have to throw a snub. I have a hockey show...thats one in a million dude. Again negative 1000.At another point in the evening, I saw Danny Carcillo in the bathroom. There were like 50 dudes in there and I remember saying to myself drunk, does anybody know that there is a professional maniac in the bathroom with all of us right now. As we were washing our hands, I said to him, "If you don't absoultely rip someones head off in the playoffs!" He laughed and we parted ways. Good kid. That could mean strong things for the Flyers in the playoffs that I saw them there. I saw McCabe pre-season one time at IceWorks and he had his best season ever. I know that all means nothing but I don't have the Flyers winning it. Speaking of winning it. Lets here who you guys have taking it. Here is my playoff tree for the first round.


NJ - Car: NJ

Bos - Mon: Bos

Phi - Pitt: Phi

NYR - Was: Was


Anh - San: San Jose

Van - St.Louis: St. Louis

Det - Cob: Det

Cgy - Chi: Cgy

I think Detroit will win it all. Don't know why. Buying a top...I know...been doing it all day.

- Barbone
Artem's jib arm.
P.s. If any of you have any youtube clips of great goals, hits, saves, passes funny things related to hockey...quick clips...not long put the link in the comments, thanks!

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