Selasa, 14 April 2009

Play-off side bets and a rant on VS and praise for the NHL

Last night I had to explain to my girlfriend that the NHL play-offs were starting and that we could hang out, but the TV would always need to have a hockey game on. Maybe I should just forward her the email above. Its from the NHL and sometimes their marketing department gets it right. Not the "portal" commercial, but remember this...

One day last year I tried to sit down and get every player and year from that commercial - an hour later I was only 9 seconds in.

Here's my quick rant about Versus:

Last night while I was waiting for the Mets game to start I flipped over the MSG and watched a bit of Hockey Nigh Live's Play-off preview show. For those of you not in the tri-state area Hockey Night Live is like NHL on the Fly for just the Rangers, Islanders and Devils. I sometimes watch just to see Ken Daneyko's suits. Anyway, I then flipped over the NHL Network to see their preview show. Curiously, I wondered what Versus had on. They of course had a play-off prev- just kidding. They were showing boxing or turkey chasing or whatever. I do not understand how a network can continually say they are "partners" with the NHL and not have any supporting content for hockey. Just showing the games is not enough!


Play-off side bets:

Who will have the greatest play-off beard this year?
I bet Scott Neidermayer is already in Finals form.
Any one of those hairs could be a 3o goal scorer.

Ok, I have to end the post on that.

Don't forget to put your picks for The2ManAdvantage play-off pool in the comments.


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