Senin, 20 April 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR Twitter makes me look like a fool

So a little background, ever since I can remember when a play-off game goes into overtime, everyone who I am with picks a winner from each team. If you follow The2Man twitter, you can see a time line of Bress' incorrect picks.

Anyway, the first weekend of playoff hockey was a great one. I'm not sure if its obvious to everyone, but you can just feel the players turning it up, tightening the D, and its only the first round!

Here are some surprises from the first round:

  • The Rangers - seriously. Look everyone knew that only shot they had was Lundqvist, but I don't htink anyone expected him to pitch a shut-out on the road and have the Rangers be up 2-0 going back to the garden.
  • Claude Giroux - kid had 51 points in 19 play-off games in the Q play-offs last year. And then with the big boys does plays like this:

that, my friends, is a penalty kill
  • Chris Osgood - look, its not like he's the reason the Wings are up 2-0, but come on, he's doing what he needs to do and didn't Theodore a game. (yes, Theodore is now a verb).
  • John Toews - Yes, he's the captain, doing what a captain should do in the play-offs. But my god, he's only 19 in his first play-offs ever (I don't count the frozen 4, those are single eliminations games)

Its a sick pass, but Toews knows to put it upstairs.

Not Surprises:
  • The Red Wings dominating

If you can not hit Holmstrom, you'll score.
  • The Canadiens/Bruins and Philly/Pitt series being all out wars.
  • The Devils/Canes series being very low scoring.
  • St.Louis about to get swept
  • The Sharks getting upset. Jonas Hiller is not Swiss cheese.

What did I miss?


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