Kamis, 23 April 2009

Onto Round 2

Sorry if my random thoughts don’t make any sense this week. I’m not checking spelling or anything in this one so bear with me.

Congrats to the Boston Bruins for treating the Montreal Canadians like how a 1 seed should treat an 8th seed. I’m not going to write how disappointed I am that this series wasn’t a one-for-the-ages nail biter. I’m not going to write how I never thought I’d see a Montreal team rollover after getting up early on the Bruins in their own arena. That’s garbage. I’m over those assholes booing my Anthem. I’m pleased with the sweep and looking forward to getting some sleep before the second round.

These are my thoughts on the series and then I’ll put it behind me:

* Komisarek wants nothing to do with Milan Lucic. Mike is a tough guy and a rugged defender but Lucic has his number. Seeing Komisarek get tossed at the end of Game 4 was disappointing because I wanted to see those two guys shake hands in the line.

* Laraque should not retire. I realize his back isn’t holding up and he was out of place on Kovalev’s line early in the series but he was one of the more effective wingers in the 4th line role. To say that Chara, Ward and co. had a difficult time moving him from the crease is an understatement. Plus Georges was murder in the corners and laid out every Bruin at least once in the series.

* Not only was Laraque very gracious in the handshake line but he gave the cool urban handshake to every Bruin. He is awesome. Add this to my bucket list: get the cool urban handshake huggy thing from BGL before I die. Someone set this up. My birthday is December 10th.

*My girlfriend came home from the gym between the 1st and 2nd and I was all worked up from the period and needed to vent about what transpired. She was more interested in opening her mail about how her voting district had changed. Great.

* People love to rip on Jack Edwards but he was fantastic this series. I like his homer appeal and the way he leans on Andy Brickley for analysis. Many of those Youtube clips that people show of his calls are taken somewhat out of context.

* Patty Bergeron and David Krejci are the real deals. I can’t say enough about the way these guys play. I’m really freaking out right now.

* When the Bruins are at their best they are very businesslike and typical. The only guys who really show emotion are Thomas and Lucic. The rest of the team is very calm and professional like the assets in the Bourne Identity. Lucic lost his cool in game 2 and learned from it. He didn’t freak out when Komisarek sticked him in the closing minutes. I don’t know how Thomas stayed cool in this series. He had traffic all over him and at every whistle there was Lapierre, Latendresse, Laraque, LaKostitsyn, Ray LeBlanc, The chick from La Bouche and Jason LaBarbera in his face trying to get him to flip his shit. Way to take it like a man, Thomas.

* Chuck Kobasew all day. All fucking day. Just all day Chuck Kobasew. 1000.

* If the Bs can thrive in Montreal under all that madness then I’m confident they can stay focused in MSG where you could have heard a cell phone in the first 58 minutes of the game. The Canadien fans booed Price louder than the Rangers fans cheered at the end of the game.

* Fuck yeah, Michael Ryder. Enjoy this victory.

That’s all about that. Now I’m getting ready for the Rangers/Canes.

Other stupid quick things:
* I had a dream where Bress sent me a YouTube clip of two assholes doing stupid interviews with hockey players and calling themselves “the 2Man Bromantage”. It was awful and these guys had highlighted hair and were drinking energy drinks with Felix Potvin. If two assholes are going to do stupid interviews and make dumb jokes it’s going to be me and Scotty. I literally Googled “the 2 Man Bromantage” this morning just to see if I needed to kick somebody’s ass this weekend.

* Can you just play hockey and stop mouthing off, Adam Burish? You can’t guarantee any kind of “war” when you take 1 shot on net in 10 mins of icetime. Aside from the cross check to Rene Bourque’s face you haven’t made a dent in this series. If it wasn’t for warm-ups your underclothes would be cleaner than Jamie Foxes’s facial hair.I like your game and love the smack talk but let’s let your game make headlines before you go all media crazy. I get what you are trying to do but you’re not there yet.

* Ovy hit a post last night that was so loud my cat jumped up a bit. Wow. He was so tired after that shot. Wow.

* What’s with all the face washing in every series?

That’s all. Looking forward to the 2nd round.

- Nemmy

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