Senin, 27 April 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR Who knew getting beat up could rally your team?

I was in Atlantic City for most of the weekend, so I missed a lot of hockey -I can't believe the Borgata didn't have the Center Ice Package! Anyway, as I was bleeding money at the black jack table I saw Daniel Carcillo pounce on a Penguin. I didn't catch who was until the replay and was surprised that Max Talbot was the other combatant. Even though Max got his ass handed to him (and black eye), that woke up his team who scored 5 unanswered goals to win the series. So the next time that some douchebag questions why fighting is in the game, use that example.

One last thing from that game - Sidney Crosby's first goal was great hand-eye coordination to knock it out of mid-air. However, he never gets that opportunity if he doesn't stop and go back to the front of the net. How many lazy players would have just glided around to the other side?

There were a lot of mid-air knock ins this weekend. Whitney had one last night. Someone else had one, I think in the San Jose game. Like I said, I missed a lot

I missed why Tortorella got all pissy. Because some one said that Staal likes to fuck Girardi? Way to preach discipline, Torts. Avery can really learn something from you. Some more questions from the Rangers/Caps series:

  • How come it took so long for Washington to figure out that Lundqvist has a weak glove?
  • Did Colton Orr get flagged for a horst collar tackle in Sunday's game?
  • Where is Nik Zherdev?
  • Who sat so Voros could play on Sunday?

Can someone please fill me on the Western Conference games from the weekend?


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