Kamis, 16 April 2009

The Bruins play tonight and I can’t focus. Here are some quick thoughts/stuff :

There is no worse feeling than the moment that the other team realizes that your goalie really sucks. I bet the entire Captials bench puked all over themselves when Gomez scored that soft goal last night. I’ve been there. I’ve been on strong teams with weak goaltending and you play 60 minutes praying that my netminder doesn’t out himself as a complete fraud. Once he lets in a soft goal your stomach drops as you see the other squad half cheer half laugh. You can literally see the point when the other guys realize that the kid is a joke and should just start firing. That trend is impossible to reverse. I feel awful for the Caps right now. Those of you who know which game I’m thinking about just leave it alone and join me in feeling bad for Ovy and Co.

Now that John Madden has retired does this mean I won’t be able to watch Frank Caliendo on tv?

The Rosetta Stone lady is sneaky. If you get coug’d by her it would be a huge win.

I’m freaking out about the Bruins game tonight. On paper the Bruins should dominate but that gets thrown out when rivalries come into play. In all seriousness the Rangers could play the Isles in the opening round it could go to 7 games. I really believe that.

The main reason that I’m nervous for the Bruins is that so many people picked them to either win outright or get to the Finals. Things were so easy when I was the only guy in my circle of friends who cheered for or really believed in this team. Now that people start picking them for success it feels like they are jinxing them. I tend to sandbag because I feel like the Bruins won’t play well if I expect them to play well. It’s a retarded view but one that comes with rooting for the teams I root for.

We are trying to get a street hockey game going for Saturday starting right after the Caps game starting at 1 and before our buddies album release party starting at 6. Timing is tight but if we can pull that off it would be awesome.

Scott Hartnell was ridiculous last night. 16 PIMs, awful hair and the fucking guy bigtimed Scotty at some club on Long Island last week.

Seriously, the Theodore thing is bothering me. I know that Avery clipped Mike Green for Gomez’s goal but it was so bad. The Capitals need to get that PP working so that the Rangers don’t advance. A team that hangs in games that they don’t belong playing in (they lost 70% of faceoffs?) just because they have a strong goaltender and almost nothing else shouldn’t advance. That stuff is fine for a few games here and there like Dallas a few years ago when Turco was insane but those teams shouldn’t move on.

I’m expecting Mike Richards to really bring it to another level in Game 2.

Parise is a maniac. Why isn’t he all over the blogs and internet? Because he plays in NJ? He’s American, dirty, and clean shaven. What am I missing? Someone send us his email so we can get him on our show this summer. Thanks

Crosby is nasty. He likes to whine to the refs but he is sick. Admit it. Just because you love the way Ovechkin plays doesn’t mean you can’t admit that Sid is sick.

Tkachuk has a lot of white in the facial hair. If he gets to the second round and loses 30lbs he could look like Santa. That was stupid. Whatever.

What is the deal with Drury? He took a puck to the face his last season in Buffalo. This injury must be a big deal.

This kid was in on the subway the other day with all his skater buddies. I sneaky took a photo of his hat but couldn’t get one of his buddy who was wearing an old Kings hat that looked like the old Raiders hats. This picture probably deserves it’s own post at some time.

Back to work.

- Nemmy

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