Rabu, 08 April 2009

What you missed last night because you were taken hostage by Somali pirates

Senators beat the Bruins, 3-2: Dany Heatleys rush that hit the post - Heater, cut and jumped in between 2 Boston d-men. When he was on his back he managed to lift the puck over Manny Fernandez's shoulder only to be denied by the cross bar. Also Sen's coach Clouston got extended for 2 years - so he'll be fired next January?

Rangers beat the Canadiens, 3-1: Drury's 1st goal - It was kind of a broken play and Drury just turned and fired it on net and the puck went by Carey Price. Price's reaction was priceless (sorry) as he couldn't believe Drury found room. It wasn't a snipe, but it just shows pure skill and instinct.

Canucks beat the Flames, 4-1: Iginla's goal - All the Nuck goals were of the ugly, bouncy variety. Jarome was behind the net, practically, got the puck off his skate and onto his stick and in the net in the time it takes to look at cleavage and then look away.

Kings beat the Oilers, 2-1: The fights - Super tall rookie Brian Boyle had a nice scrap with much shorter Theo Peckham. Penner fought Johnson - meh. Later Zach Stortini fought Ratis Ivanis.

Wild beat the Stars, 3-1: Gaborik's goal - Overall, Marian had a great game, adding 2 assists to his goal. But the goal was nice, because of the patience and pass of Andrew Brunnette.

Blues beat the Coyotes, 5-1
: Tkachuk's goal - Honestly, Bryzgalov was brutal and he gave the puck away to Tkachuk. But Tkachuk didn't just fire it on net. He waited, found the room and fired it upstairs. It was Mr. W-esque.

Maple Leafs win over the Devils, 4-1
: Taylor Hanson's first goal - Li'l Hanson drove to the net and got his first ever NHL goal. Got to love that.

Blackhawks beat the Predators, 4-2
: Toews snipe - First of all it was bar-and-in. I love that. Second of all there are few players who if you give room coming over the blue line can beat a keeper with a wrist shot. I hope Toews turns into one of those players.

Penguins win over the Lightning, 5-3: Crosby's first goal - There was a great camera angle for this goal. Crosby's one-time were perfectly placed, just inside the post. Rammo had no shot.

Sharks win over the Avalanche in the shoot-0ut, 1-0
: Peter Budaj - His best save was the one he had where he robbed JR. He moved across and then got the glove up enough to beat JR one-timer attempt in front.

Capitals beat the Thrashers, 4-2: Caps backhand goals - Both Kozlov and Semin had sweet backhand goals. Kozlov's was in tight and Semin's was on a breakaway.

Hurricanes shut-out the Islanders 9-0
: Its not even fair to talk about this game, but Staal did have a hat trick.

Flyers beat the Panthers, 2-1
: Hartnell's cross-check - Carter got the goal, but it doesn't happen with out the ref missing that call.

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