Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Weekend Wrap Up OR Some girls are out-of-control hot

So yea, there was a big trade on Saturday and then a smaller, but then canceled trade yesterday. Remember 2 years ago when Dion Phaneuf was actually untouchable or he at least would have attracted a top pick and prospect and scorer in a trade? Well, not he went to Toronto for 40% of the Leafs scoring (not as impressive as I just made it sound) and Jamal Mayers and Ian White. Who knows how this trade will turn out, but my first instinct is that its pretty even.
I think Burke's better trade was the one for Giguere. Not because of Giguere's possible return to form, but because he somehow convinced Brian Murray to take Vesa Toskala and Jason Blake. Jason Blake! True story, Blake was supposed to be traded to the Ducks at the deadline the year they won the Cup, but Garth Snow didn't get the paper work to the NHL on time.

Besides that, nothing else really changed in the NHL. The Caps keep winning and the Islanders and Bruins keep losing.

Sheldon Souray made sure he won't be traded by breaking his wrist/hand in this fight with Iggy:

Those old school Flame jerseys are awesome.

Here is an example of great hand-eye coordination from Jason Spezza:

Heres Bress' tip of the weekend:

Crosby popped the water bottle in the shoot-out, but Malkin's move was better:

What did I miss?


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