Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

If I were in Charge

So I've already crossed off 4 teams yesterday. Today I'm realigning and renaming the divisions. I'm not trying to throw out the past but I'll let the old Patrick, Adams, Norris and Smyth divisions be. Those old guys already have trophies named after them.

Here's how things will look going forward:

Prince of Wales Conference
NJD, NYR, NYI and BUF play in the Sully Division named after the guy who landed an airplane in the Hudson. Not much change here but I've added Buffalo to get some tri-statae area saltiness going.

PHI, PIT, CBS and WAS play in the Dutch Division named after Arnold's character in Predator. I moved Columbus into the Wales Conference and got rid of the Eastern/Western conference labels. I like the current heat between the Pennslyvania teams and Washington and Columbus seemed like a decent geographic fit here.

OTT, MTL, BOS, TOR and CAR now play in the Gilyard Division named after the guy who played the sidekick in both Matlock and Walker, Texas Ranger. That guy is the man. I figure since Carolina used to be the Whale I can throw them up with the Northeast guys. As much as Toronto fans must pine for the old Norris days I'm keeping them in the Gilyard because of the heat with Montreal and Boston.

Clarence Campbell Conference
CHI, DET, STL, DAL and NSH now play in the Yzerman Division. I tried to keep things geographically cool but Nashville throws things off a bit. I might get rid of that team later.

ANA, COL, SJ and LA now play in the Mustaine Division named after the guitarist from Megadeth. I was trying to find a way to have these guys play at a reasonable hour for people on the East Cost but I can't. Since I am in charge I think I'll let myself stay up late to watch these games.

VAN, CGY, EDM and MIN now play in the Hart Division named after Bret Hart. I think he was from Calgary and he was the mayor so he gets a division. Minnesota stays in the division even though some folks on my executive panel wanted to put them back in the Yzerman to relive some Norris days.

That's it. Every team plays a home and home and I'll have my intern put together a schedule this week. Play ball.

- Nemmy

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