Senin, 22 Februari 2010

Team USA 5, All of Canada 3

What can we say about last night's game that hasn't already been said? Probably nothing. Let's try to gather some of the 1,000 feelings and thoughts that we have after the game. Please fill in what we missed.

- We feel like that was the type of game that this US team was built for. It was amazingly gritty, fast paced and we relied heavily of Miller.

- Thank goodness that we scored 41 seconds in. Taking the crowd out of the game early - and then answering the Canadians quickly to make in 2-1 - was HUGE.

- Side note: Ovy crushing Jagr was beautiful.

- Chris Drury did his best Chris Drury impression. Sean Avery tweeted that he was "clutch" last night.

- Joe Thornton did his best Joe Thornton impression. Where the hell has he been?

- You have to wonder whether the US can survive another 45 shot game from a powerhouse. Also our unofficial count for blocked shots by the US was ~750.

- That second period scared the hell out of us. Mr. W said that it took longer than his girlfriend's period. Summed it up perfectly.

- Kesler's empty netter summed up the entire night for the US. I don't even know what to say about that play.

- Marty looked like he was trying to hard. We think a calm Luongo in net would have made a world of difference. But you can't fully blame the outcome on Marty.

- Why does Gary Bettman wear that tight-ass sweater that looks like he should be drinking hot totties and playing grab ass in a swingers chalet?

- Ryan Getzlaf must really hate the visor rule because he sports a 2-inch shield that is pushed up past his eyebrows.

- Did we see back-to-back-to back breakaways? Somewhere during that stretch we lost consciousness.

- After 45 shots is it asking too much that Miller hug the post better on Crosby's goal?

- The 2Man was together watching at the Village Tavern. After Kesler's ENG Scotty fell hard to the floor.

- Just in case you didn't see the pants we were rocking for the Games on our Twitter:

- We need Pat Kane to really get going next game.

- I can't believe that game was on MSNBC. What a joke.

- Ryan Callahan did a tremendous job killing penalties in limited minutes. I thought that was worth noting.

- We hate to temper our excitement but this game wasn't for a medal. The US gets an easier road going forward but there's still a long way to go to reach Gold.

- 1000%

- This is how you need to watch next week's day games.

- USA!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!

- Nemmy

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