Kamis, 11 Februari 2010

If I were in charge

I'd fine the hell out of NHLers for conducting interviews with their helmets on. Unless of course you are giving one of those silly interviews during the warm-up. As long as you are on the ice or bench you can keep the lid on. From now on take your helmet off and act like you give a shit when the camera is on.

Players: I know that most of the questions you get asked during these bits are worthless but I'll revamp how all that is handled at a later date. But from now on and until I stamp out lazy questions you need to step it up. $10K fine for leaving the bucket on and if you wear a visor and leave it on for an interview you sit a game. Sound unfair? I don't care. You're thinking about turning down interviews? Nope. They are now mandatory. I'm using the Dana White rules with how you handle interviews: do them all and be honest*. You'll only be fined if you keep your helmet on or say dumb stuff like "we're gripping the sticks too tight" or "just not getting the bounces" when asked what you have to do to get back in the game.

This is not punishment. It's important to let fans see your personalities and it starts with the little things.

*Don't be too honest. If you pull any John Mayer shit or start losing your mind like Mel Gibson you will be punished and possibly assaulted. It's not a double edged sword; it's common sense.

- Nemmy

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