Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

What you missed last night while you were actually doing editting work on a possible new video

Sharks beat the Leafs, 3-2: Giguere had 2 shut-outs in a row. Impressive, but not epic. However, everyone shit themselves when he gave up the first goal last night to Boyle. No big tragedy. Had he been able to keep out one of the other two or had Nabakov not been OUTSTANDING, then the Leafs might have won.

Coyotes beat the Oilers, 6-1: The play that is the epitome of this game was the Radim Vrbata short-handed goal. I don't know what Oilers D-man he outraced, but it was embarrassing. Then a simple but effective move led to the goal. Oiler deflated, Coyotes elated.

Ducks beat the Kings, 4-2: Jonny Quick made spectacular saves last night, but it seemed that rebounds of those aforementioned saves eventually made it to Ducks' sticks and turned into goals.

Flyers beat the Devils, 3-2: Lets make sure everyone understand this right now: Just because a player gets injured as a result of a hit, does not make said hit dirty. Last night, right as Anssi Salmela scored Jeff Carter finished his hit. Like he supposed to do. Unfortunately Salmela took it poorly, landing on his face. Everyone calm down. This sometimes happens, but Carters hit was good hockey. Also, this doesn't mean that because a player does NOT get injured that a dirty hit didn't occur.

Avalanche beat the Blues, 5-2: Chris Mason was so freaking terrible in this game

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