Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

If I were in charge

I'm contracting the league.

No offense but I would remove Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Phoenix and Florida from the NHL. Canada doesn't get another team but hopefully our cousins up north will be happy that they have a larger % of total teams. Columbus, Carolina and Nashville are all on watch. If one of those guys can't pull their weight I'm putting a team in Quebec. I say Quebec because they would be the only fans to hate Montreal more than the rest of the league.

Here's the thing for me. I feel bad because I would like the league and the sport to thrive in those 4 markets but it's really not working. A part of me wants to bring hockey to everyone because I know that once hockey gets into your blood you will be a fan for life. But there's a big part of me that knows that hockey will always be a nichey sport loved by many enjoyed by few and ignored by the rest. I need to make a decision to make the sport better for the people who really love it and not water things down to appeal to non-fans. I can live with that.

Instead of spreading the league too thin we should admit when things aren't working. And those 4 teams are bringing up the rear. Well, thanks for showing up.

- Nemmy

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