Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

If I were in charge

I wouldn't let NHL players compete in the Olympics.

I'm not as concerned about players getting hurt away from the league I'm just more unhappy about suspending my league for the winter games. Let the NCAA stop mid-season and have those kids play.

And I like the Olympics and all that goes along with it. (Note: I'm super excited about the US team this year and will be rooting for them to win the Gold 1000%). I just think that a Stanley Cup is so many times more important than an Olympic gold. The Olympic hockey tourney lasts a few days longer than the pond hockey championship. I only get pumped because it's us versus the rest of the world but that doesn't mean it we should put the pencils down while certain guys go off to play.

If guys want to respresent their countries they can take up arms and kill that cocksucker Bin Laden or just wait the World Cup when they are off the clock.

- Nemmy

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