Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

If I were in charge

Buffalo, Edmonton, Long Island and Calgary have to go back to the original sweaters.

I'm fine with 3rd, 4th or 5th unis but they should only be worn for day games or other special occasions. The 3rd uni craze has more hits than misses. For every blue Nashville sweater there's the black Dallas Stars, the Edmonton oil cumshot and the big-ass Bruin. For every dark blue Blues sweater we have the Statue of Liberty Rangers look, the mustard Nashville disaster, and the Kings lion.

The revamped looks haven't fared much better. The Sabres have had multiple uniform iterations and still have not come close to besting the sweaters that Perreault wore or that Rob Ray sewed his shoulder pads into.

I'm not anti new uniforms or anything but I feel as though the gimmicky stuff needs to be a temporary exercise. It's like when really hot Hollywood chicks start dating rockers because they go to a concert and become the biggest fans. They spend the next 6 months playing the shit out of their favorite songs and getting UTIs until they realize that their favorite songs come from such a dark, desperate place written by soulless men that only an empty shell of a personality could fall in love with. I don't know what any of that had to do with 3rd jerseys but in short: without a solid foundation things can fall apart quickly.

And I'm over it. Now that I'm in charge we're bringing back the more traditional looks. We'll pepper in some new uniforms here and there without getting carried away by the whole thing.

Change we can believe in.

- Nemmy

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