Kamis, 25 Februari 2010


Tomorrow's game is a 3PM start. Position yourself accordingly.

A few things:
- Kipper scares us
- The Finnish roster is sneaky strong
- We need to figure out line combos to get our scorers scoring
- If we were on the US team we wouldn't even look at Ryan Miller's direction for the next 2 days
- Please God don't let us drop the game tomorrow and have every dick on Twitter saying we got "Finnished".
- Kane is due to breakout
- Kessel is due to breakout
- Parise hasn't even gotten warmed up
- Canada looked downright scary at times last night
- We can't pay attention to the other side of the bracket. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
- Dojo pants and American muscle at the Tavern tomorrow at 3.
- Dan Boyle was a douche last night
- I sleep well at night knowing that Chris Drury is riding with us
- God Bless America
- Let's deliver a nightmare

- Nemmy

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