Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up OR Does anyone know where I can watch the daytime hockey games online?

First I'll review the last weekend of the NHL before the Olympic pause, and then I''ll talk Olympics.

I didn't anything of real interest happened Friday night, except for this sweet game-winner from Nicolas Bergfors:

And Dion falling back into his bad defensive habits:

Calgary HATED when he chased guys behind the net.

However, the Fridy Canadiens/Flyers match up did set up this:

I love a good opening face-off fight and Lapierre did some nice work. Jeff Carter was also happy

And then danny briere went at got a hat trick. I'm not sure he deserved a penalty shot for the 3rd, though.

Nice finish, nonetheless.

Heres some sweet backhand sauce, courtesy of Robbie Schremp:

As for the Olympics...

First of all, for all Team USA news go here:

We'll be keeping that widget up for the remainder of the games.

Second - it sucks that the hockey won't be on the main NBC channel. I don't really care about exposure or audience size - I mostly just care about watching great hockey in HD. I don't know if CNBC or USA or MSNBC or HGTV have HD versions. If I'm the NHL, I'm pissed because of the numbers stuff. They shut down and then get put on channels that only do slightly better than Versus.

Speaking of Versus, if Comcast owns NBC now and has always owned Versus, why aren't games on Versus? Thats rhetorical - ad space is sold way in advance, yada yada, but shouldn't Versus at least do a nightly recap show of the hockey. Yea, that would be logical and helpful, so of course they won't.

Anyway, USA starts on their road to Gold (or bronze) with an afternoon game vs the Swiss. Where can I watch this online?



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