Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

SWE 2, GER 0; CZE 3, SVK 1

A few observations:

- There's no way I can stay up for the late games even though I really wanted to watch the Slovaks vs the Czechs.

- What happened to the Swedes wearing Jofa helmets?

- The Swedes didn't look sharp. Apparently the way things work is you get to town, get a win and have a good skate the next day. Unfortunately the Slovaks have to play Russia today.

- Forsberg looked pretty good despite the smaller ice sheet. That crafty passing ability must be the last thing to go.

- By accounts from what I read, Jagr started slow and played himself into form last night. He scored one on a semi break and set up another goal later in the game.

- I've said enough about Joe Micheletti on Twitter last night.

Today/Tonight we have
SUI - CAN at 7:30
SVK - RUS at 12AM

Norway is a roadapple so hopefully the US opens things up.
The Swiss should give Canada a better game than the Norwegians
Maybe the Slovaks can find some chinks in the Russian armor before they go down by 7 goals?

- Nemmy

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