Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

What you missed last night while you were taking a bath

Bruins beat the Leafs in the shoot-out, 3-2:
Miro Satan's move
was dirty. Even though it
made no sense at all.

Sharks beat the Canadiens, 3-2:
Dany Heatley is
completely unlikeable.
I hate his face shield.

Hurricanes beat the Senators, 4-1
Did Pascal Leclaire
get hurt again last night? Is
he softer than Rick?

Coyotes beat the Avalanche, 3-1:
I am rooting for
the Coyotes. I don't care
that the league "owns" them.

Capitals beat the Lightning, 5-4:
I wonder if the
Caps have the record for most
games scoring 3 plus?

Penguins beat the Rangers in OT, 5-4:
Paul's status - "Cindy
Crosby diving. Big Surprise."
Paul, you stop crying!

Blues beat the Stars, 6-1
Paul Kariya, great
college hockey product or
greatest product?

Predators beat the Kings, 4-2
Johnny Quick looked bad.
He must be rusty from the
press box in BC.

Thrashers beat the Islanders, 6-3:
How come Garth couldn't
move one keeper? This team is
about to implode.

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