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Bruins Blog Roundtable

We recently participated in NESN's Bruins Blog Roundtable fielding questions about the current state of my beloved Bs.

Even though everyone calls me Nemmy I'm up on the site as "Dan". That's cool too. Not all of my answers were posted so I'll paste all my answers. Everything in italics I just wrote in as after-the-fact commentary.

1. What aspect of the Bruins' game must improve for them to be Stanley Cup

Every aspect must improve. The Bs don't have a shut-down defense that can keep them in games when they are only scoring 2 goals or less. Tuukka has been strong but it would be asking a lot from him to steal multiple games from teams like the Pens or Caps.

The way Thomas played the other night made me think that the Tank Engine could steal games in the postseason. Then I remembered that he was facing Toronto. If I threw on my Mylec street hockey pads and a jai alai cesta I could keep the Leafs under 2 goals.

2. How did Peter Chiarelli and the Bruins do at the trade deadline?
It seemed like it was a sellers market so we're happy that the Bruins didn't give up too much yesterday. Trading for a sniper would have been great but we'll settle with upgrading the D and not giving up valuable picks.

I wanted to blast the Bs for not acquiring some help for that first line but selling the farm to rent Kovy wasn't going to make things better. You bolster teams at the deadline and the Bruins need more than 1 or 2 pieces.

3. Both Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask are performing well. Who do you feel
should be relied upon for the remainder of the year?

The Bs should go with the hot hand down the stretch and right now it is Tuukka's net to lose. If suiting up Satan will help win games then Claude should start him.

I sent this in before Tuukka injured his knee. I hope my response didn't jinx things. Also when I wrote that Satan should start in net if needed I didn't mean Miro Satan, I meant the actual lord of darkness. In every picture I've seen of the Devil he has sick horns and muscles 1,000. Would the league let him put a blocker on his tail and dominate?

4. Will the Olympic break help or hurt the Bruins?
Krejci was a beast in Vancouver so if he can keep up that level of play it will certainly help the squad. But all in all, the added rest for injured Bruins will be totally offset by the added wear and tear on Chara and Bergeron during the Olympics.

For real. Chara looks like he wants to lay on a humongous couch and somehow Bergeron injured his groin while taking 5 faceoffs in Vancouver. Not a great sign.

5. Are the Bruins better than, worse than, or exactly as their record

We would like to say that the Bruins are better than their record indicates because, with the exception of Rask, the entire lineup is underperforming. But maybe last season was too good to be true. We aren't sure right now.

Look at me using the 2Man royal we. Can someone do a polite golf clap at your desk for that one? BTW I was told to keep the answers short but everyone else on the site went yard with their responses. But if you are a reader of this site you already know that I can't write anything of length because my weak grasp of the English language. Thanks to Evan at NESN.com for the look.

- Nemmy

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