Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Weekend Wrap Up OR What I missed because the power went out

There were a ton of good fights this weekend. Here they are in no particular order:

Owen Nolan - Love that he's still playing and fighting

Rick Rypien is fearless!

Not a great fight, but I love when the players take off their buckets

This counts a "loss" for Boogaard, right?

I'll briefly talk about the Ovechkin hit: You can't hit a guy in the numbers. If you see numbers it means that the player has beat you. Let it go. The only reason that the call (5 min and a game) is up for discussion is because the refs don't call it consistently enough. You want players to let up on those dangerous hits - then the refs need to make consistent calls. I don't know if Ovy should get suspended, but the right call on the ice was made. Shut up, Mike Milbury.

Heres a great pass from Ovy, from Friday versus the Lightning:

Pat Eaves has dangerous speed and Ryan Miller should really stop even thinking about using a poke check:

Formula for a great save = highway robbery + late in game x team has lead... as done by Halak

It was Ottawa's only goal, but boy was it pretty. Vintage Jason Spezza:

Steve Mason has a slow glove hand, apparently:

Heres a nice passing play from the Isles, to put away the Leafs last night:

What did I miss?


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