Kamis, 25 Maret 2010


Please play this video through the reading of this post. I love the setting of this video in the very beginning with the old black and white count chocula/dracula/munster/house on a hill in a warehouse stage set up in a back lot in Studio City. LOL!!!!

Despite the Islanders racing as fast and as furiously to the bottom with a meager...a meager short covering rally in the middle of the season I have weirdest Islander related siting of the year.
This device seems to have been a vending machine at one point. Why this resided in our server room in my trading office in midtown Manhattan hoggles my mind...absolutely hoggles it. And the only reason I have encountered this is because we moved our office and this is on the floor of the old office getting ready to be tossed away. Sprite, Coke, A&W Root Beer and Bud Light as the Buttons. 1000! So weird and bizarre. Thank god its Thursday and not Friday and I have an 8:30 game tonight.

Saw this woman on the subway...her hair is Samson 1000! Ridiculous. She must step on it or other people must step on it here and there.

And if this isn't a soon to be animated version of myself at my kid's ice hockey game following in my father's footsteps than I don't know what is.

I love this man. By the way that is a looney toons hat of Marvin the Martian he is wearing. Sometimes things fit and you don't know why. Feeble and Frail.

- Zellia

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