Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

What you missed last night because you were drinking cliche irish drinks

Flames beat the Avalanche, 3-2: Vesa Toskala played so well, I thought it was Kippersoff in net. These 2 teams have nice little rivalry going and there were some good fights.

Ducks beat the Hawks, 4-2: Wisniewski's revenge hit on Seabrook is absolutely suspendable. It was premeditated and targeted the head with an intent to injure. It was dirty and high its laughable that he got 2 minutes for charging. People want to blame Colin Campbell for the discipline issues, but really, its the calls on the ice that need to change. Refs need to have more conviction.

Devils beat the Penguins, 5-2: God, those green pants looked sweet. Devils dominate the Penguins. Same story, same headline. The Pens pp is embarrassing versus the Devils. On 2 consecutive plays, Devils got short handed breakaways by anticipating the d-to-d pass.

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